Can we trust your employee for allow the call complaint?
CALLNSOLVE has made each employee ID card with employee & Company Details. Even before send complaint call client will get informative call from our end. Every attendance we fill the Job Sheet & arrange the Feedback call. Our system makes easy to trust you on CALLNSOLVE.

After the complaint call how much time Techie reach us?
It depends on your complaint call. If you’re giving complaint call in 1st hour in the morning then the call will closed by 12 o’clk and in the 2nd hour call will closed by 4 o’clk.

Voice Tech-Support and Online Support is really solved the problems?
CALLNSOLVE established well team for it since 3 years particularly. We expect the user/operator coordination to successful this technique for solve the problem & avoiding business losses.

What type of problem resolve through Voice & Online?
Except computer hardware peripherals & operating system will resolve the problem.

Is computer hardware peripheral problems are fixed at client place?
Can’t say or No, if and after troubleshooting problem found in chipset or part will only carry out.

What is Walk-in Support in CALLNSOLVE (Technical Call Centre Company)?
In the beginning of 2013 year CALLNSOLVE has started giving instant walk-in support with good marketing effects that customer themselves carry-out their computer or laptop or printer or any IT Device which will support instantly without keeping them in Q or Wait. We’d declare instant result those who’d brought out the damaged devices.

What are the service features & charges for Walk-in Customer have to pay?
We’re registering the computer device in Rs.199 that include general service & check-up, application level installation as well as fixing up possible hardware problem. After in any problems found in the part or peripheral that will show off to customer & if gives approval will fix with extra needed charges.

After repair will get back part or without approval will get back device in as it is condition?
After repair we don’t give parts to customer because we’re outsourcing electrical part & component in replacement value only & we refer replacement approval only. If the repair job not approved then no guaranty for as it is condition device cause of without the diagnosis or technical check up we can’t give problem details & estimation, so just seen and speak we do not give quote & impossible giving back in as it is condition.

How to apply CALLNSOLVE Service?
Please visits our website www.callnsolve.com and you can select your desire product, after click on it select your query service fill the form and submit. You will get back call within 24 hours from the time of submit enquiry.

Is there any standard charges are fixed for CALLNSOLVE service?
Yes, please refer Support page on www.callnsolve.com for service charges details.

What type of candidate recruits in CALLNSOLVE?
Refer the company profile for knowledge. We’re having open recruitment for Experience & Fresher candidate. Any qualification with completed courses of Computer Hardware / Networking can apply job for the post of Tech-Support Engineer. Other post candidate shall have skill & knowledge of the applying post before Apply Job. Apply Job in Career page on www.callnsolve.com and fill the form – submit it.